About us

From exceptional coffee to exceptional food, Palate provides guests with an innovative menu at the famous Jameson House in the heart of West Hastings. As you step into Palate, you will be welcomed by an upscale interior with a warm ambience and highly skilled staff. This, combined with our modern and unparalleled menu and specialty coffee, will leave you eagerly planning your next visit. Open for breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner, Palate provides a variety of options to meet your dining needs. 

Our coffee

At Pallet, our coffee is focused on quality.
We believe that much of this begins at the ground level; our coffee is a direct link to the relationships we have fostered with farmers and producers, who now have become like family to us. Through ongoing collaborations with these amazing people, we hope to continually build sustainable long term relationships and showcase the passion, hard work and dedication of the farmers, families and communities behind each cup that we serve to our customers daily.
We source in-season coffee beans from exceptional producers around the world to ensure every cup is perfect. Before we introduce a new coffee to our menu, it must pass multiple rigorous cupping and tasting sessions in order to qualify against our stringent standards.
Our delicate roasting process centers on the bean itself, taking into consideration its origin, varietal, and processing style: in this way we are able to unlock the bean’s naturally unique characteristics. The result is a presentation of authentic flavors, rather than flavors imparted by the roasting process.

Our Food

Crafted by our certified team of Red Seal Chefs, Palate’s food offerings are built to excite and entice! Our menu offers a diverse range of Breakfast, Brunch & Lunch items, including favorites like our unique approach to French Toast, our Moroccan inspired Kefta Skillet, & an innovative approach on the Classic Eggs Benedict.
We also offer catering, special event menu’s, plated dinners and canape receptions. Corporate Chef Zouhair Benchiker uses his worldly experience to craft our specialities, and is always looking for new innovative ways to inspire new menu items.
From our Commissary Kitchen, to our carefully selected food providing partners, all of our dishes & ingredients are carefully tested by our team, prior to finding a valued position on our menu. At Palate Kitchen, your experience will be catered by a team of Senior and Apprentice Chefs, all dedicated to providing a memorable dining experience.

Our Team

Palate Kitchen is a close knit team of dedicated professionals who are acutely focused on the guest experience. From our ownership group, to our cooks, baristas, service staff and management team, all staff members undergo a training process to ensure the values and standards of Palate Kitchen are always upheld.
The Senior Management Team at Palate has a combined over 50 years of industry experience. This experience translates into a warm and hospitable atmosphere, where the small details are not left unnoticed. Our team can provide custom experiences for groups of up to 100, Corporate Lunches, Dinners, Weddings and more.
For immediate assistance, event inquiries, or additional information, please email

Building History

An establishment designed to endure.

Renowned today for its spectacular interior, classic food, exceptional coffee, and seamless service, Palate Kitchen has earned its reputation as one of Vancouver's most respected all-day café-restaurants.

Built in 1921, this Georgian Revival Style heritage building was the special headquarters for one of our province's largest insurance and real estate firms, "Ceperly Rounsefell Co.", which was occupied by joint owners Henry Ceperley and Frances Rounsefell.

Rehabilitated in 2011, in conjunction with the famous Jameson House development, this site is nestled in the prestigious and desirable location now known as the Financial District of Downtown Vancouver.

Occupied by a diverse range of businesses over the years, Palate Kitchen is proud to be the new host of this stunning space, marking it as a new and extravagant brunch concept developed by Pallet Coffee Roasters. 

Palate Kitchen is proud to provide an establishment that focuses on both excellent coffee as well as excellent cuisine. 


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